About Me

    Looking for a photographer to document that special moment in your life?

    Someone who is willing to listen and really hear you on whats important to you?

    I, Allison Rutley, the Eye Behind the Lens at Allison Rutley Photography have you covered!  After nearly 3 years in business and many satisfied clients, I have learned that I love to photograph people. And all stages of life. I take the time to sit with you and tailor your session in just the right way for your needs.

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    You must be wondering as most people do, why I don’t specialize. Well its simple really, I photograph people. From the first days of life to celebrating your 75th birthday. This is why you will see all kinds of photography here. I believe that everyone deserves beautiful images and I want to be the one to provide you with that. With the customer experience to match. I am also a lover of landscapes which is where my photography journey began.

    Let’s get personal …

    I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, hiker, blogger and of course a photographer. I am a mother of a teenager, and I have the most supportive husband that I could ever ask for. We have two Labrador retrievers and one cat that share our small home. I am a lover of tea, coffee and time spend in nature.

    So in a nice little bundle that is me. And why I do what I do.

    I can not wait to have you be a part of my family!

    Let’s chat over tea