International Women’s Day | 2019

    It’s International Women’s day today and I had all these ideas in my head on how I would have this well thought out blog post to share with all of you. I was going to have it ready and just hit that magical post now button or better yet have it scheduled to post on its own. Well, the reality is it’s 6:30 am, I have my cup of coffee and the laundry is going.

    I got this idea back in September 2018. That resulted in my personal project of capturing women. No requirements just Women! The response I got was amazing. Yet I felt it was missing something. I decided to ask the women that responded to my modelcall three questions. These are those three questions 1. As a woman what do you feel your strengths are? 2. What are you most vulnerable about? 3. Why did you respond to my Model Call?

    Now, what I learnt out of this is that many women truly struggle with speaking about what we are most vulnerable about. This fear comes from deep inside. We fear showing the world that we are not perfect in a world that only shows the perfect in everything. Have you looked thru Instagram and Pinterest lately? What I want women to see and to know is that there is power in being vulnerable. Its within this space that we grow, learn and build our strength from. If you get a chance listen to this talk Ted Talk,  The power of vulnerability by Brené Brown

    So on this day, International Women’s Day 2019, I share with you some of the images from those very first portrait sessions.

    These beautiful women trusted me to capture their inner beauty. Many were stepping way outside their comfort zones to step into that power of being vulnerable.

    Thank you all for trusting me and being truly vulnerable and stepping into your power. You are all truly beautiful and amazing women with many gifts to share with the world.

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    March 8, 2019