Jessica & Brett – Engagement Session

    When I got the message that Brett had proposed to Jess, I was over the moon happy for these two beautiful humans. My friend was engaged! When I was asked to be her wedding photographer I was humbled and very excited. I immediately started thinking about their engagement session.

    I have known Jess since 2014 when we worked in retail together. Since then we have both moved onto different things but I have had the joy of having her in front of the lens a few times now.

    This is their engagement session and the first time I had photographed them together. It took some time as we kept waiting for the weather to work in our favor. Basically not be the freezing cold of winter or pouring rain. The wind was blowing hard but we found some shelter in the trees and I got to watch the playful love these two have for each other.

    I am excited to be involved in such an important day in my friend’s life. Jess, you are a beautiful and strong woman and mother. Brett your gentle nature is warm and inviting. Congratulations to you both.

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    July 31, 2018