Moms need to be in pictures too


    Are you one of those moms that is always behind the camera and never in front? .. I am.

    I can count on one hand how many images I have of myself with my daughter who is now just about to turn 14. Armed with the knowledge that I am not the only one I am on a mission to change this.

    mother and baby

    From the moment our precision little bundles are born the focus is always towards them .. and that it should be But do not forget about that amazing bond that is between a mother and her child. I have this vision where new mothers take the time to document that bond that is so strong from the very beginning. Lets be honest not a single one of us feel “amazing” right after giving birth but we must remember we are amazing.


    My journey as a photographer is taking me in a direction I never expected. There is this desire deep in my heart that has to show the world how amazing the bond between mother and child is right from the start.

    Being able to photograph a mother with her newborn is magical and so very special.


    Stay tuned for some great new things happening here at Allison Rutley Photography


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    April 17, 2017