Multiple Subject Images and The Steps I Took To Make It a Success

    Multiple subject images were this weeks challenge. Easy right? (insert giggle here) Well, not as easy as one would think. I do not have multiple children in my home. But I do have a teen daughter who just so happens to have two good friends that are identical twins and willing models.

    Step one

    When using your own teenage daughter and her friends you must remember to allow plenty of time for hair and makeup. This is a must if you do not want to be met with the not so impressed expression of “are we done yet”

    While the girls were doing there hair and makeup I took the time to head up to the Miette Hot Springs for a soak. The soak in the Miette Hot Springs was for me, as a way to relax. Once home I picked them up and we went down to the studio.

    Step Two

    Allow them to have their own music to groove away too! Small portable Bluetooth speaker works great for this.

    Step Three

    Relax! This is just as important as step one. Teenagers must trust you and a big part of that is to relax and have fun. Yes, I must still be the person of reason and get things back on track but its ok to bust out a small dance party from time to time.

    Step Four

    Pay close attention to whether or not you can see all hands and feet. And to make sure those hands and feet are not “creepy” hands like the character from The Adams Family (yes I just dated myself there).


    These four steps helped me make this studio session a huge success.

    The girls loved it and are willing to do it again…YAHOOO!!!


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    June 22, 2018