As prom approaches for the 2019 graduates. I started reflecting on the last couple of years and I knew in my heart there was something missing. After some deep soul searching it finally came to me. INCLUSION.

    Prom can be an expensive time for parents and their children. Especially if you have a daughter at home. Dress, hair, nails and makeup. For those parents with boys, the expense is a little bit lower for this big day. Now let’s top it all off with a photo session to mark the big day.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing all the seniors all dressed up on their big day. The girls in beautiful gowns and the boys in their suits. Yet I can not seem to shake this feeling how I was approaching prom was wrong. I kept going back to this idea that everyone deserves to have beautiful images to mark this day.

    So after 3 years of the same old session structure. I am changing it!

    Bring on Prom Marathon 2019!

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    I am so excited for Prom 2019

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    April 1, 2019