Prom… Have you thought about who is doing your photos yet?

    PROM! The biggest, most important dance of your senior year is quickly approaching!

    Are having professional photos done? Have you even given this

    This is a crazy time for most seniors as they are preparing for the final weeks of High School. Some may be getting things organized for post-secondary, some will be wondering what the future holds for them. Some will be thinking of travel, others will be wondering what its like to not live at home anymore.

    Boys will be nervous as they get ready to ask the girl in hopes that she answers yes.

    Girls will agonize for months over the details, making sure they have the perfect dress, do the shoes work with the gown, hair, makeup.. your starting to get the picture right.

    Getting your photographer booked is just as important as making sure you can get into your favorite hairstylist on the big day or that limousine will be available.

    Having your photographer booked early means you get the time slot of your choosing usually this is after the girls are already with hair and makeup.

    So if you know you will be wanting those memories to be captured for a lifetime make sure that contact your photographer of choice and get your session booked before its too late.


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    February 2, 2017