Studio Dreams Come True

    It finally happened! I got a studio space all of my own. When the perfect space basically fell in my lap for the beginning of May I knew I had to jump in with both feet and not look back.

    This has been on my wishlist now for more than a year. Our home is small and just wasn’t working for me. I did my best with what I could when I needed to but my heart longed for a space of my own. Space where I could set up for newborns days in advance, a space I could play with light and be creative or just a place to meet with clients that is warm and cozy.

    One random day I sent out an email to a local realtor saying “I am tossing around this idea of a studio space. What do you have available?” A couple emails later I get the reply of “Do I ever have the space for you!” OMG!!!!!! My heart skips a beat. I get some more information, make arrangements to go see the space, all while trying to keep my composure.

    Upon initial viewing, I wasn’t sure how this space was going to work with its current layout. I had to find out if I could remove walls! Yep, that meant demolition. I am told the removal of the walls is ok and so is painting. I’ll take it.

    May 1st, 2018 I get my keys and get to work creating my vision. We remove two walls, flooring and paint. Within two weeks we are done and ready to open.

    So Whats Next for the Studio?

    I have so many dreams for this space. People ask me “Allison what will you use a studio for?” , “Will you only shoot indoors now?”.  I want to take this time now to say this. I will be shooting both, in the studio and outdoors. There is a time and a place for both. I see the studio as my central base. Its the place where I will meet with clients, photograph those milestone moments in your child’s first year or to create that ever-important image of your grandparents.

    So if you find yourself walking by, stop in for a visit. I would love to see you!



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    June 12, 2018