Why Senior Portrait Photography….

    Why my heart lies in Senior photography

    This is a huge time in their lives so why not take the time to document that with a professional photographer, to always remember who they are RIGHT now. Before the cap and gown, Before the big prom, before their lives will change forever.

    So Why Senior Portraits?

    The senior year is one of excitement and change. It is a time to CELEBRATE!  It’s more than just their last year of high school, or the last year with their friends or being under the safety net of home. It is a year full of preparation for the next stage of life. Your little girl or boy will be getting ready to enter the real world. Going off to college or university, traveling or just entering the work world. This is a year of change to celebrate and remember.

    I personally have a few more years to go before I am at this moment with my daughter. Five to be exact. It will be here before I know it. With lots of ups and downs but that final year of High school, The senior year will be one of many firsts. Just like the first 5 years of life. There will be many moments to capture and a personality to document that should never be forgotten.

    Choosing your photographer

    When choosing your photographer it is important that you check out some of their previous work and like what you see. Your photographer should make this process fun and full of excitement for you. Girls especially like to be involved in the creative process. So it is important that whoever you choose is willing to work with you and your ideas. Because in the end, they are your images!

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    September 22, 2016